Wine Breather Carafe design by Norm Architects



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With minimalist silhouettes and high functionality, the Bottle Series is all about finding beauty in simple things. Water and wine: these two drinks can bring much joy, and even more so when enjoyed with sleek glassware.These useful pieces made from mouth-blown glass are now available in smoked glass. The clear series is timeless, while the new colourway brings a more contemporary look while maintaining the streamlined forms.Wine BreatherFor those who love a glass of red wine, the Wine Breather is the perfect object. It allows you to both enjoy a glass of wine via easy oxygenation, while also reducing waste by depositing the wine back into the bottle. The new smoked glass colour adds a modern look to the classic lines.Designed by Norm ArchitectsAwards:IF Design AwardGood Design AwardDimensions: 8 x 8.3Materials: Glass, Silicone, Steel, PlasticCapacity: 34oz

The action of decanting itself, and the large surface area in contact with the air in the decanter, alters the wine, softening its youthful bite and encouraging the development of the more complex aromas that normally develop with years in bottle. For this reason even inexpensive wines plucked from the shelves of the local supermarket can benefit from decanting, if a first taste reveals a tannic, grippy, youthful structure. –

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