Roller Coasters Set of 4



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That handheld game that involves navigating steel balls through a maze Now theres a cocktail-hour version. This set of four Roller Coasters features maze-like indentations that serve the dual purpose of providing some grip when you place your drink down on one of them, and they also mimic the classic maze game. As condensation forms on your beverage glass, it drips down into the coasters groove, creating water-droplet formations that double as the steel balls from the original game. The colors of this set are a gradation of the color blue, evoking the different hues of water around the world. Each Roller Coaster measures 4.25diam. Roller Coasters were designed by Hui Zheng for the Products of Design collaboration between MoMA and the School of Visual Arts. The designer was inspired by the preciousness and scarcity of water; the coaster game provides a way to contemplate and appreciate this vital, everyday resource. Designer: Hui Zheng Size: 4.25diam. Materials: Silicone