Apotheke 10 pc. Votive Set



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A collection of our ten 2.5 oz signature votives in beautifully packaged gift boxes. Drawn from the natural elements of our fragrances, each color represents a key scent note of our signature collection. The perfect sampling of Apotheke home fragrance.

YOUR SET INCLUDESAMBER WOODSWarm amber wood, sweet lily of the valley, and night-blooming jasmine are deepened by the tang of peppercorn, woody vetiver, and patchouli for a robust and enticing scent.BAMBOOSweet white flowers, green moss, and thyme mingle with fresh bamboo leaves, creating a light, crisp scent.CANVASCrisp linen, white musk, and sweet lily of the valley mingle with a dew drop accord for a clean, refreshing scent.CHARCOALCedarwood and sandalwood combine with notes of smoky amber and oud to build a broody, full-bodied fragrance.HINOKI LAVENDERRich, smoky notes of Hinoki cypress and fresh lavender meld with lotus flower and sandalwood to create an earthy, soothing fragrance.MAGNOLIA BOUQUETFresh magnolia and rose are enriched by ripe fruit, hints of pepper, and musky woods for a subtle floral bouquet.ROSEBUD OUDWhite rose, peony, and lily of the valley are enhanced by the rich warmth of oud and musk with hints of tea leaves to create a uniquely fresh scent.TOBACCO BLOSSOMSweet tobacco flower gets a hint of spice from cognac and anise while creamy vanilla, chestnut, and embers balance this rich aroma.SEA SALT GRAPEFRUITThe tang of sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit is balanced by dew drop accords and tarragon, for a fragrance like summer by the sea.WHITE VETIVERCashmere, eucalyptus, and lilac are entwined with earthy vetiver, sandalwood, amber, and cedarwood to form a sultry fragrance.


2 D x 2.5 H
Estimated burn time 15-20 hours

TRIM YOUR WICKKeep your wick at 1/4. When it starts to get off center, gently re-guide it to the middle (after you blow out the candle, of course).BURN SMARTWe recommend letting a new candle burn for 3-4 hours, or until the pooling wax reaches the edge of the vessel. This prevents tunneling.After that, burn for no more than 5-6 hours at a time to preserve fragrance.STAY FIRE SAFEPlace your candles on non-flammable, heat resistant surfaces and never leave a burning candle unattended. Also be aware that placing a hot candle on a cool surface like marble or glass may cause the vessel to crack.STOP WHEN YOU REACH 1/4 OF WAXWhen you’re down to that last bit of wax, it’s time to say goodbye. Burning your candle anymore could result in fire, broken vessels, and a very bad time.